New DUI Report: 98.1% of Americans Want to Get Home in One Piece

dui-report-designated-driver-importantOne of the organizations examining the facts behind drunk driving – the Traffic Injury Research Foundation – has released a DUI report giving us a portrait of impaired driving in 2016.

The report was financed by Anheuser-Busch, and based on a public opinion survey which TIRF conducts each year on attitudes towards drinking and driving. The results show that, for the most part, Americans are less likely to combine alcohol and driving, and less likely to tolerate it in others. In particular:

  • 98.1% of Americans think that having a designated driver is important when planning a night out drinking with friends.
  • 70% said they had been a designated driver.
  • 65% said they were at least very concerned about alcohol-impaired driving. Only health care rated higher among social issues asked about.

However, there were some disappointments too.

  • Though almost everyone stated they thought a designated driver was important, 21% said they didn’t actually use a designated driver when out with friends.
  • Only 46% knew of the “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” campaign, and that was the best known of the national anti-DUI campaigns. This is important because too many people are still unaware that the buzz they get from a couple of drinks is actual impairment.

You can read an overview of the report Alcohol-Impaired Driving in the United States here.

The overview includes some background information that is worth reading. It confirms facts we had assumed – that most drunk drivers are male – and also brought out ones that weren’t as obvious, such as the fact that arrest rates for women DUI offenders went up by 30 percent in the 1990s.

Self-reporting will not produce information that is 100 percent reliable, but it can give us valuable hints as to the motivations behind drunk driving behavior. We’ll be looking more closely at some of this information soon. TIRF will be analyzing its data in greater detail in the coming months.

Meanwhile, please read the overview and draw your own conclusions. It’s important information that might help us come close to eradicating drunk driving for good.