Controlling a Car While Drunk is Not a Piece of Cake

New Jersey DWI no piece of cakeRecently at Newark Airport in New Jersey a Nissan Altima was spotted weaving around, hitting curbs and guard rails, and with a blown tire to boot. Upon arrest – yes, there was an arrest – the driver turned out to be a bodybuilding champion – female division.

What made the incident stranger than the average New Jersey DWI was that the driver was found to be snacking down on some cake. She assured the officers that she was just stopping for a bite and would be setting out again soon.

It was not to be. The only place she set out for was the police station.

Eating, Drinking and Driving: A Non-Starter

It’s no understatement to say that eating and drinking while driving is double the risk. The dangers of alcohol on the road are well-documented. But eating while behind the wheel is a form of distracted driving on its own.

  • It takes one hand off the wheel
  • You chance spills and crumbs which invariably make you look down to assess the damage
  • Food can goop up your hand (this is cake, remember), creating a distraction as you figure out what to do with it
  • If what you’re eating is any good, that’ll take your attention from the road as well

Naturally, this all comes down to bad judgment, which is the hallmark of drunk driving: bad judgment in deciding to drink and drive; bad judgment in continuing to drive despite hitting guard rails and blowing tires; and bad judgment in munching cake and not realizing that you were already in trouble.

New Jersey DWI laws are strict, and this offender must now contend with a variety of consequences. They include fines, possible jail time, and an ignition interlock requirement for blood alcohol levels of .15 or more for a first offense.

Moral: drink and drive – or drink, eat and drive – and you’ll get your just deserts.