One Teeny Weeny Resolution for the New Year. Forget the Other Ones.

new year's resolutionThe big ones are hard. We get that. You’re not going to go to the gym 3 times a week this year. Not every week, anyway.

You’re not going to lose all that weight. It’s hard. You’re not going to put as much money in the bank as you want to.

Sorry, but statistics are on our side. Resolutions like those is almost always broken. Usually by the end of January.

So what can you do? Give up on a New Year’s resolution altogether?

Here’s what we suggest: make one small resolution that’s easy to remember, easy keep, and which will have a big effect on those around you. In fact, it will have an effect on people you’ve never met, and will never meet.

Here it the New Year’s resolution we’d like you to make:

This year, if I drive somewhere, I won’t take a drink without a plan.

That’s it. The plan could be a number of things.

  • A taxi home.
  • A designated driver.
  • A rideshare service.
  • Staying over.
  • One drink and then waiting until you are absolutely fully sober (which is longer than you think)
  • Walking or public transport.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? And while it won’t make you rich or give you a six-pack, it could prevent a serious collision and life-ruining consequences.

Just one resolution, a simple thought you need to make once when you go out on the town. If everyone did it, ten thousand lives would be spared each year.

Please do your part and resolve to make a plan when you go out.

Of course, if you have any will power left over, by all means hit the gym. We’re pulling for you.

Happy New Year from LifeSafer