New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers

2015A lot of our New Year’s resolutions concern things like better heath or improving one’s finances. Not to put down those worthy goals, but here’s another idea. Now would be a good time to resolve to become a safer driver. After all, many of us spend a lot of time in our cars, and what we do in them affects not us but everyone on the road.

This year, along with forswearing doughnuts and putting more money aside for a rainy day, we’re offering some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that relate specifically to safety while driving. Cultivating these driving habits will make you and everyone around you safer.

  • Put Down the Cellphone. Texting and phoning, as well as use of maps and other apps, is a major road hazard. This can be the year that you put the phone down completely while driving. You should even consider installing an app that blocks texts while your car is moving.
  • Check Your Tires. Worn tires can be very dangerous. Many people skimp on tires in the first place, and then let them get too worn in order to save money. But worn tires can skid, and are extremely hazardous in wet weather. This year, have your tires checked and replaced if they’ve been on your vehicle too long.
  • Watch the Speed Limit. Don’t speed. Speeding is a factor in about a third of all fatal crashes. Keep to the speed limit, and slow down a little more in poor weather or tough traffic conditions.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive. It sounds like an obvious one, but impaired driving is still a problem: in the US 10,000 people lost their lives because someone chose to drive drunk. Don’t do it – and don’t drive buzzed, which is the same as driving drunk.

Have a safe 2015. We’ll check in at the end of the year to see how you did.