Want to Avoid Driving Drunk? In New York, There’s an App For That

New York has always been serious about fighting drunk driving. From all-offender ignition interlock laws to stricter DWI penalties, the state is well known for leading the way in the fight to keep streets and roads safer.

StopDWI1Washington County has added a smart preventive measure to its arsenal. Have a Plan is a new phone app that gives New York drivers everything they need to get home safely after a night on the town. The app lets you summon a cab service or easily select a ride from your pre-saved list of safe ride options (friends who love you and who will pick you up).

The most entertaining part of the app is the “Test Your Skills” section, offering games to test your coordination after a drink or two.

Balance the drinks - if you can. If not, call a taxi.
Stack up the drinks – if you can. If not, call a taxi.

The games are not authorized sobriety tests, but maneuvering moving beer glasses under a tap or stacking cocktail glasses in Tetris-like fashion is a fun way to learn that your motor coordination is not what it should be.

Finally, the drunk driving phone app helps your smartphones do what it was designed to do — settle arguments by giving users access to the facts right when they’re needed. You can click a button and find out what New York’s DWI laws are, or what blood alcohol levels really mean. In short, the app makes it even easier to do the right thing – not drink and drive.

The app was developed by Stop DWI, a program that has been helping get drunk drivers off New York roads since 1981, along with Staples Marketing. it is available for Android, windows, and iPhone. The next time you’re out on the town — provided the town is in New York State — fire it up and get home safely.