Offbeat, Funny Anti Drunk Driving Ad from New Zealand

Your Hump-Day Recess: Thinking it Through

An amazing amount of thought and creativity have gone into the problem of persuading young people not to drink and drive. And that’s a good thing: we need original thinking to crack this nut. Young people in many cultures like to set themselves apart from adults, and that includes not listening to common-sense safety messages. The feeling of invincibility becomes a point of pride. Any concession to caution is tantamount to surrender.

How to break through? In New Zealand, a bit of humor helps. The young man in this PSA released by the NZTA goes through a thought process familiar to many: noticing a friend drunk who is going to drive, wanting to speak out, but worrying about losing face.  A lovely piece of work, and very New Zealand.

The word from the NZTA: “The goal of this advertising is to acknowledge the feelings a young man might have around speaking up when a friend is going to drive drunk. Thinking you might ‘look bad’ in a social situation is what is in the way for most people. We need to break through this barrier and the use of humour is key to achieving this successfully.”

Your Hump Day Recess: Every Wednesday LifeSafer brings you something a little different, related to the worlds of road safety, to ease your progress over Hump Day and through the week.

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