Ohio Man Drinks, Drives, and Puts it All on Facebook. Hello, Jail.

File this under “Social Media Fails.” Or “Stupid Drunk Driving Tricks.” A 28-year old man was swigging booze while driving a car and all the while posting on Facebook.  If there’s a déjà vu vibe to all this, it’s understandable: in October a woman did much the same thing, livestreaming herself on Periscope, driving three sheets to the wind.

This driver, Dustin Rittgers of Obetz, Ohio, wasn’t livestreaming, but he did the next best thing: he posted this video, and then commented on it. His drinking and driving on Facebook elicited some amazement, and sadly some amusement as well.

Comments from friends included, “You’re a nut lol.” Rittgers replied:

“I am a good driver don’t worry”

“I got one finger on the steering wheel facebooking and it’s raining smh I am good. I am a pro.”

For those who don’t use texting slang, “smh” means “shaking my head.”

Not all of Rittgers’s friends were amused. A woman named Teylor Wise lived up to her name by posting, “Go home. Sleep it off.”

“His reply: “Haha no thank you”

Someone tipped off the Franklin County sheriff’s office, and they were able to apprehend Rittgers while he was still on the road. They booked him on OVI, refusing a breath test, some driving violations, and carrying an open container of alcohol.

It’s easy to laugh at the stupidity of drinking and driving on Facebook. It’s safe to say that the best way to get away with drunk driving is not to hold a social media forum while you’re doing it. But what’s important here is the danger that Rittgers posed to everyone on the road. Not only was he severely impaired by alcohol, he was updating his social media while driving. Alone, either of those crimes can be lethal. How much of a disaster was waiting to happen when he combined them? How could he ever see any kind of obstruction in the road and deal with it safely?

As it turned out, no one was hurt. And perhaps some counseling or therapy will be on the agenda, now that the magnitude of his problem is clear to everyone.

But what about the friend who “lol’d” him, rather than calling the police or trying to talk him down? What motivated him? It’s hard to imagine someone nowadays not knowing that drunk and distracted driving can kill. But apparently the message has not gotten through.

That’s where the real stupidity is. Perhaps the community will get together to ask him what he was thinking when he egged Dustin Rittgers on.