DUI Driver Switcheroo Goes Wrong in Connecticut

It’s always a bad idea, but people keep doing it. It always goes wrong, but people keep doing it. This time it went very, very wrong.

The thing that goes wrong is the DUI Driver Switcheroo. A person driving under the influence sees red and blue lights flashing. Maybe he or she hopped a curve or veered over the center line. In any case, the driver is obviously a DUI suspect and a police officer is about to pull the car over and test for alcohol.

The driver gets a brilliant idea: switch with the passenger before the police come to the window, and present a 100 percent sober person in the driver’s seat. What could go wrong?

In Ledyard, Connecticut a lot did. Apparently the driver pulled over and tried to switch seats with a passenger. However, he forgot to put the vehicle in park, and it rolled backwards – into the police cruiser.

The charged added to the DUI in this case was “improper backing.”

Police Are Not Dumb

When police officers stop a car, they know that it can be a tense situation for everyone. Their eyes are on the drivers to spot for criminal activity. They’re looking for people who are concealing guns or drugs. It’s not hard to spot musical chairs.

And if you’re caught, there’s more than a DUI to worry about. If a passenger claims he was driving, he could be guilty of giving false information to a police officer, which is an offense in every state.

If a police car pulls you over, and you don’t want to fail a sobriety test, here’s your new plan: be sober.