One Surreal DUI Stop: That’s Not What “Angle Parking” Means

Your Hump-day Recess: The Driver Was Inclined to Drink

Today’s photo comes from a parallel universe. Actually not, though you’d be pardoned for assuming that. This photographic record of a DUI stop comes from the California Highway Patrol’s Facebook page. And I doubt CHP has more of an idea of what’s going on than we do.


The gent in the t-shirt is being given a sobriety test. The reason why his sobriety is in question would be the 67 Buick Riviera that is parked at approximately 45 degrees to vertical. How it got there is a mystery; somehow it backed up onto the guy wires that support the telephone pole. The car, by the way, weighs 4300 pounds. Nice going, Pacific Telephone and Telegraph (the police officer’s shoulder patch looks like a CHP emblem).

Adding to the surreal quality of the photo is the late 1940s Plymouth behind them. No, that’s not the patrol car, just someone’s 20-year-old ride.

It would be interesting finding out how the car got there, and how they got it back to level ground. Also, just because it was a DUI stop doesn’t mean the driver was impaired. He might just have gotten his bell bottoms tangled in the accelerator as he backed up.

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