OWI Buster Iowa and LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Join Forces

LifeSafer is pleased to announce our partnership with OWI Buster to be your one site shop for all things related to your Iowa OWI arrest.

No website provides more information about the charge of OWI (Drunk Driving – DUI – DWI) in Iowa than OWIbuster.com. They provide you with an accurate, comprehensive and complete OWI consequences report and it is free. Users answer a simple few questions and receive an instant email of the details concerning their charge.

Patrick L. Wilson, a retired Iowa attorney, and Judge created OWI Buster to give free, accurate information and referral resources to help those arrested for OWI.  He practiced criminal defense for over 30 years and was a part-time Judicial Magistrate for 17 years. As an OWI expert, he personally reviews the attorney referrals on his site, so you can be assured they know the Iowa law.  In addition, after working with all the interlock providers in Iowa, he recommends LifeSafer Ignition Interlock as the partner of choice for license recovery.   

LifeSafer is an exclusive partner with OWI Buster as a provider of ignition interlocks in Iowa.  We know the process, and we’re with you every step of the way. Unlike other interlock companies, we’ll never ask you for unneeded information like a social security number.  We don’t send fake forms in the mail that look like they come from the Iowa Department of Transportation. If you’ve been arrested for OWI, you are under enough pressure and have enough things to do.  Don’t let your interlock provider be one more source of complications and fear. We do things differently at LifeSafer. We are your partners throughout the interlock process, from installation to monitoring to removal.    

If you’ve been arrested in Iowa and are wondering what to do next, visit OWI Buster as a first step.  Learn what you need to know and get the help you need to get back on the road, quickly, legally and affordably.