Passenger Van Safety Tips

Passenger Van Safety TipsYou’ve probably seen multiple passenger vans driving down the highway with a full load of occupants. Everyone from church groups to day care day trips use these vans for transport because they can seat up to 15 passengers, but you might not have considered that these types of vehicles pose a bigger safety risk than normal 4 to 7 passenger vehicles.

Passenger van safety is such a concern that the NHTSA is urging those driving these types of vehicles to take extra steps to ensure the safety of both the driver and the passengers. If not properly maintained by the driver, passenger vans are at higher risk of crashes caused by wear and tear on the vehicle, but the main concern is the higher rate of vehicle rollover.

Passenger van rollover can be caused by a number of factors including inexperienced drivers, tires that are worn out or not properly inflated, and passengers who are improperly loaded into the van affecting the center of gravity.

NHTSA statistics show that in 2007, 45 fatalities in 15 passenger vans were from roll-overs, and that number had gone up 73% from 2006.  If you drive a passenger van, practice passenger van safety by always requiring passengers to wear seatbelts, properly maintaining your vehicle including suspension and tires, and ensuring your passengers are evenly distributed on seats across the vehicle, not just on one side.