Your Hump-Day Recess: Prank Illustrates a Point about Drunk Driving

From Brazil comes a prank that is also a thought-provoking message against drunk driving. A restaurant appears to employ a parking valet who is completely intoxicated. The idea is to record the patrons’ reactions with a hidden camera: how many of them would let a drunk park their car? And then comes the message. A very well done PSA by Ogilvy & Mather of São Paolo.

The ad, on behalf of São Paolo establishments Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz, won awards at Cannes. Having (what one presumes to be) a hidden camera capturing real people, rather than actors delivering lines, gives both immediacy and humor to the situation.

Public safety advocates are tasked with persuading us to think and act rationally. Perhaps a prank makes a bigger impression than a lecture.

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