No Refusals For Breathalyzer In Miller County

breathalyzerWhen police lights are flashing behind you or you’re pulled over during a road check, most people would automatically do whatever the police officer asks of them. After all, the consequences of trying to outrun the police to avoid a speeding ticket would be much worse than what you’d receive if you just pulled over. But every day there are people who are pulled over for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and they refuse to submit to a field breathalyzer test. Maybe they feel like if they don’t provide the police with concrete proof of having had a drink or two they can’t be arrested, or in some cases, the person is too intoxicated to really think the refusal through.

When it comes to field DWI tests, police in Miller County, Missouri aren’t going to let drinking drivers say no to breathalyzer anymore. In conjunction with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, they’ve mandated that drivers must consent to a chemical test if they’re arrested on suspicion of DWI. This ‘no refusal’ policy comes with a stiff penalty – if you refuse to submit to the breathalyzer, you’ll automatically lose your privilege to drive for one year.

Law enforcement in Miller County have another tool to crack down on drinking drivers who refuse the field breathalyzer test. They can now request a digital warrant upon suspicion of DWI, so if the driver refuses to submit to the test, the arresting officer could have a court-approved warrant sent to him within minutes. The digital warrant will require the individual to have their blood drawn or stay in police custody before being released.

It’s the hope of law enforcement in Miller County that these deterrents will keep drinking drivers off the road, but for all drivers, the safest option for is to not drink before you get behind the wheel.