Santa Claus Arrested for DUI. We Warned You Last Month.

santa-duiWhen your legal name is Santa Claus, it’s easy to attract attention. Alas, that sometimes means unwanted attention if you’re not careful to obey the law. A gentleman from Spokane by the name of Santa Claus (yes, that’s his name and no, he wasn’t born with it) was picked up in Post Falls, Idaho for driving on the wrong side of the street. After testing he was booked for DUI.

In a belated Christmas spirt, the prosecution reduced the charges to reckless driving, and Mr. Claus was released after paying a fine.

What do we make of this?

First of all, we must note that we predicted Santa’s DUI on December 24th.

They booked poor Santa, fined him too
His plans were all confounded.
He couldn’t give away the toys –
His sleigh had been impounded!

santa-has-ignition-interlock-for-DUIBut there’s a serious side to this arrest, as there is to all matters that involve drunk driving. Each year people take to the roads while impaired some 121 million times – an astonishing figure. Patrols and checkpoint can only catch a small fraction of those drivers, which is why about 10,000 people die in road crashes related to alcohol use each year.

Our bearded offender was caught, but think of the rest of those 121 million. Some will make one mistake, others have alcohol problems, and others simply have not gotten get the message that drunk driving is dangerous, and that buzzed driving is drunk driving. We publicize some arrests not for the benefit of the offenders, but for the rest: we want them to understand that just because they have driven while impaired and have not been caught or caused a collision, they are not invincible. They are just lucky. And their luck could run out.

If you see someone about to drink and drive, talk them out of it. Take their keys, call a taxi, or drive them home. Even if they’re not Santa Claus, you’ll be giving them – and society – a gift.