Score Big on Sunday: Super Bowl Designated Driver Bribe

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, which means that a lot of football fans (as well as spouses and dates who might not be as desperately committed to the sport, but don’t want to be left out) will be gathering at sports bars, taverns, and people’s houses to watch the biggest sporting event in the country. And a lot of those fans and hangers-on will be drinking.

Statistics tell us that DUI crashes increase on Super Bowl Sunday, as do arrests. Every municipality in the country will have extra patrols out to catch drunk drivers – and they’ll be successful at it.

You already know what to do to avoid a Super Bowl DUI. If you want to drink during the game, then line up a safe way home and stick to it.

  • See the super bowl at home, or at the home of someone in walking distance.
  • Take public transportation: taxi, bus, rail, or rideshare.
  • Organize a designated driver for post-party transport.

The Super Bowl Designated Driver Bribe Option

There is another option in case these aren’t feasible: ask your friends with whom you’ll be viewing the game, and who need a ride home, this question: What will you give me to be your designated driver on Super Bowl Sunday?

You might find that you’ll be able to get some good perks in return for sipping soft drinks (and only soft drinks) during the game. A free dinner at a good restaurant. A movie night. Concert tickets. Car detailing. Tell your friends to be imaginative, and get it in writing. Print out the agreement below, have your friends sign it. Most important, stick to it on Super Bowl Sunday. You’ll earn not only whatever perk you’ve agreed to, but also the respect and gratitude of your friends.

If you can’t be bribed, then one of your friends can. Everyone has his or her price.

Once you settle the matter, enjoy the game. You’ve already won.