A Sleepless Night in Virginia for Parents — And That’s a Good Thing

This week students and parents at eleven Virginia Beach public high schools will be losing a lot of sleep. The students will be partying, of course – it’s graduation night! The parents will be keeping the chip bowl full and the soda on ice all night, and doing it cheerfully.

Dancing friendsWait – parents involved in all-night blowouts? Don’t high schoolers know how to party till all hours already?

The difference is, these parties will be alcohol- and drug-free. The celebrations are the creation of a volunteer organization called City-Wide All Night Grad, and the focus is to keep kids safe on a night that is known to put them at risk for drinking and driving.graduation-day

The school’s PTSAs sponsor all-night alcohol-free celebrations, and volunteers from City-Wide All Night Grad help parents at each school plan the event.

The students get a memorable celebration, with alcohol not in evidence.

And parents get one sleepless night, a happy tradeoff for the peace of mind they’ll have knowing that their kids are not driving drunk, or riding with a drunk driver, on graduation night.

Hats off to City-Wide All Night Grad and the parents of those Virginia Beach graduates, for giving their kids a night to remember, and possibly saving a few lives in the bargain.