Slow down to prevent speed related traffic crashes

You see cars speeding down back roads and highways in the movies and they always safely arrive wherever they are headed, so when it comes to driving your own vehicle, what’s wrong with a little speed? Slow down to prevent speed related traffic crashesAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there’s a lot wrong with speed, and thousands of lives are lost every year due to speed related traffic crashes.

Since 1995, the NHTSA has shown a steady increase in the amount death and injuries related to speed. In fact, traffic data from 2005 shows that speed contributed to 30 percent of fatal crashes across the nation. Not only that, but speeding and impaired driving is particularly lethal.  The same traffic data from 2005 showed 40 percent of speeding drivers involved in fatal crashes had a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

It’s not hard to see that speed and driving a vehicle don’t mix. Even more importantly, it’s important to know that speeding and drinking and driving increases your chances of being involved in a vehicle crash. Stay safe no matter where you’re driving and avoid speed related traffic crashes by following these tips:

  • Stay alert. Don’t get behind the wheel when suffering from fatigue.
  • Watch for speed and obey speed signs.
  • Never drink and drive.