Snowboarding Under the Influence Laws

Snowboarding Under the Influence LawsBrush up on Snowboarding under the influence laws before you hit the slopes

Who hasn’t heard of après ski? Even if you’ve never strapped on a board and touched the snow, you’ll have heard of this mountain tradition to kick back, relax your sore muscles, and enjoy a brew or two. After all, a big part of the Snowboard culture involves drinking.

But if you find yourself tempted to down a few rounds before you hit the slopes, think again. Not only could you be putting yourself in danger, but you could also be in violation of state skiing and snowboarding under the influence laws. Take Colorado for example – If you are caught on snow under the influence, you could be fined up to $1000. Or, if you board in Wyoming, getting caught drunk might even get you sent to jail for up to 20 days.

If you need more reasons to not drink while boarding, consider this – Causing an accident on the ski hill while under the influence of alcohol can result in you being libel for any damage occurred on the mountain. Even worse, you could hurt someone else while drunk and be libel for harming others as well.

That pre-snowboarding drink at lunch might look pretty good before you spend a carefree day on the mountain, but if you board under the influence, it could cost you more than you bargained for.