Utah DUI Videos Show Consequences of Split-Second Decisions

Your Hump-day Recess: Just Say “Naaah” to Drunk Driving

As we’ve noted, public service messages about drunk driving are sometimes big on sirens and stretchers, and we’ve often suggested that it’s better to focus on events before the crash. The decision to drink and drive is actually the moment when the damage is done.

A new set of PSAs from the Utah Department of Public Safety focuses on that moment, back in the bar, when a person – in these videos, a young man at a bar – can either drive home or tap an app and get a ride home.

In each instance, we see the consequence first: arrest, jail, a crash, court, and going out on a date with an ignition interlock – and then we flash back to the point of decision. Our millennial guy makes the right decision and books a ride.

We like the ads. They emphasize the simplicity of the choice to avoid drunk driving at that point, back at the bar. Once the wrong choice is made, life gets really bad. The key idea is avoidable. The one word to remember is, “Naaaah.”

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