Spotting a Drunk Driver When The Car is Parked

spotting-a-drunk-driver-bad-parkingCops have many ways of spotting a drunk driver. Many of them involve watching how a person operates the vehicle:

  • Drifting across lanes
  • Hitting a curb
  • Nearly missing a parked car or other vehicle
  • Driving too slowly
  • Tailgating
  • Forgetting headlights at night
  • Turning with too wide a radius
  • Driving on wrong side of road
  • Stopping in places where one doesn’t need to , such as green lights
  • Driving with windows open despite freezing weather

Police also observe drivers’ behavior when a vehicle is not moving. They’ll move in if they see:

  • Sleeping in cars
  • Failure to proceed on green light

But sometimes spotting a drunk driver isn’t that hard, even when the car’s engine is turned off. To wit, if the car was obviously parked by a drunk, then the driver was ipso facto DUI.

It happened in Connecticut, where a driver was found to have parked his car perpendicular to the side of a rural road in Somers. For those not up on the latest traffic law, drivers are usually encouraged to park parallel to the road. The officer tested the driver and found him be over the legal limit.

This incident is just another reminder of the effect of alcohol on one’s judgment: if you can’t be trusted to park a car, you certainly can’t be trusted to drive it. Just think of how much more concentration and control is needed to pilot a moving car, as opposed to coming to a stop in a sensible place. It’s scary to realize how powerful alcohol is to cloud one’s judgment so completely. The man thought he was okay to drive, and he wasn’t even okay to park.

If you’ve been drinking, the smart choice is to park yourself somewhere safe – a taxi or bus, perhaps, or in a seat beside a considerate, sober friend.