On the 17th You Don’t Get the Green Light to Drink and Drive

st-patricks-day-duiIn one sense, a holiday is different from other days: it serves to draw attention to a person, event, or idea on a particular day.

In another sense, it’s no different from other days. The laws of physics and chemistry apply, and also the laws of the land. One of those is the law against drinking and driving.

For some reason people who are careful not to drink and drive most of the time think they are exempt because the calendar says it’s New Year’s Eve, Labor Day, or yes, St. Patrick’s Day.

DUI arrests go up every year on March 17th. It makes no sense, when you think of it. Impaired driving is just as dangerous from one day to the next. You, other drivers, passengers and pedestrians are in just as much danger because your coordination, vision, hearing, reactions, concentration, and judgement are all compromised.

The only difference is if you’re arrested, your mug shot will have a splash of green from your shirt or scarf.

If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, remember that the police will be out in force to find you if you drink and drive. They will be bringing in an above-average number of DUI suspects, and you could well be among them if you make the wrong decision. So don’t. Here’s how to avoid a St. Patrick’s Day DUI arrest, or worse:

  • Set up your designated driver now – don’t wait till the night of the party.
  • Celebrate at a place within walking distance of your home.
  • Remember you can have a good time without getting really drunk. Pace yourself, eat while you drink, and stop when you’ve had enough.

May the luck of the Irish be with you.