Another Michigan Drunk Driving Suspect Bites The… Lab Tech?

Drunk drivers are dangerous, but usually that danger stops when the offender is apprehended. Occasionally the bad decisions keep on coming, though. A recent case in Michigan emphasizes how [...]


14 Who Got the St. Patrick’s Day DUI Message – And 1 Who Didn’t

They were warned. Public service messages were all over social media. And the campaigns have been going on for years, so there was nothing new about the message: drive sober and avoid a St. [...]


A Third Louisiana OWI on You Winn Rd. Means You Lose

The word “irony” is overused, so let’s call it a coincidence. A man was pulled over on You Winn Road in Moss Bluff, Louisiana for a traffic violation. The officer did what officers always do and [...]


Woman Crashes Her Car 3 Times in One Night. Guess Why.

Three car crashes are a lot to experience in a lifetime. How about in one night? A woman in Walla Walla, Washington managed that feat recently. She crashed into an empty vehicle, pulled out, [...]


6 Years in Prison for Driving Without Headlights. What’s Up?

Let the punishment fit the crime. It’s more than just a Gilbert and Sullivan lyric – it’s a principle of justice. And while it’s one that’s argued over for reasons we can’t go into here, it does [...]


It’s Your Property – Can You Drive Drunk On It?

People love to split hairs and talk technicalities about drunk driving law. “I have a prescription for the tranquilizer so I can’t get arrested for DUI.” “My blood alcohol level was .07, which is [...]