Live in Tennessee? The County Clerk Is Now Serving Screwdrivers

Wonderful news if you live in Tennessee and own a car: drop in to your local County Clerk office before June 30th and they’ll hand you a screwdriver.

The tool, not the cocktail.

You’ll use the screwdriver to attach your new MADD license plate. The purpose of the plate, which costs $35, is to raise funds for MADD’s victim services. Mothers Against Drunk Driving needs you to order yours by June 30th, or the plate will be retired.

screwdriverEvery year the plates raise $15,000 for MADD victim services, which give the victims of drunk driving crashes much-needed emotional support, and also advice on the legal process. They lend an indispensable helping hand at a time when victims are most vulnerable. Learn more at MADD Tennessee here.

PlateSo, if you’re a proud Tennesseean, drive over to your nearest County Clerk office and request the MADD plates for your vehicle (you need to do it in person). Once you pay they’ll hand you the plates and a screwdriver. With a few turns of the screw you’ll be on your way, and other drivers will know where you stand on the issue of drunk driving.

Please get your plates today. It’s a small thing that makes a big difference in communities all over Tennessee.

Oh, you will have to give the screwdriver back. But you can keep the plate. And the good feeling from supporting a vital cause is yours at no extra charge.