Your Hump-Day Recess: The $73,000 Bar Tab

A shock to the system can be an excellent reminder of what’s important in life. That’s why Bar Aurora and Boteca Ferraz,  the public-spirited nightspots in São Paolo, Brazil, decided to shock their patrons a few years ago with a bar tab that reflected not the price of the evening’s drinks, but the price of driving after drinking there.

And it appears that the price of drunk driving is high: thousands for ambulance transport, intensive care, facial reconstruction… it all ads up.

Hidden cameras captured the reactions of bargoers as they saw what their bill was – or rather, what it might have been had they decided to drive home.

The 2010 campaign, by Ogilvy & Mather Brasil, is another example of a trend to emphasize the problems that drunk driving can cause apart from the obvious one of injury and death. To see the faces of these customers as they view their total leaves no doubt that money is a strong motivator.