The night before Thanksgiving – Black Wednesday

Black WednesdayThanksgiving is a time of year when people gather with friends and family and give thanks for health and happiness. As it’s such a great family gathering, many people look forward to Thanksgiving as the true kick off for the entire Holiday season.

Yet for others, the beginning of the Holiday party and festivity circuit is Black Wednesday, otherwise known as the night before Thanksgiving. With college students home for the holidays and friends looking to catch up over a drink or two, it’s becoming so popular that if you look in the papers or on the Web for Black Wednesday, you’ll come across information on pub crawls, night clubs, and even drink specials.

Although the tradition for Black Wednesday is to drink heavily and sleep late the next morning in order to recover before Thanksgiving dinner, you can still have fun and feel as though you’re kicking off Thanksgiving without drinking alcohol. Spend the night in with the family and play catch up before relatives arrive the next day, or volunteer to be by the phone as the designated driver for friends should they choose to go out and drink.

By not going out on Black Wednesday, you can save your energy for what really matters – spending time with loved ones on Thanksgiving.