They Worked to Make Life Better for You – Don’t Throw It Away This Labor Day Weekend

women-garment-workers-honored-on-labor-dayOf all the holidays Americans celebrate, perhaps Labor Day is the one whose purpose is most easily forgotten. Families pack up their swimming and camping gear and head out in droves for a last communion with the outdoors before the autumn comes and the work routine starts up again in earnest. They’ll have few if any thoughts about labor.

And this weekend too many people will take lightly not just the holiday but their responsibilities as drivers. That is why so many drunk drivers are arrested over Labor Day weekend – and why so many others cause accidents and death. For some reason, people see a public holiday as an excuse to drink and drive.

Labor Day began in the late 19th Century as a celebration of the American labor movement in various states. The Federal Government made it a national holiday in 1894. The country was heading into its apex as an industrial power, and labor was the construction-workers-honored-on-labor-dayengine that ran it. Immigrants took work in factories and farms; women dominated many areas, including garment work. A construction boom increased the demand for workers, who began building the country’s most famous skylines.

It’s sad enough that we forget the many struggles that these formidable generations of Americans endured to build the country. It’s even sadder that so many Americans throw away their lives – and the lives of others – because they choose to drink before getting behind the wheel.

Labor Day honors the countless workers who sacrificed to build this country. Please don’t throw away their sacrifice. Drive carefully this weekend. And have a good holiday.