Top ways to avoid underage drinking at Prom or Homecoming

the top ways to avoid underage drinking at Prom or HomecomingSchool events like homecoming, football games, and dances are great for socializing with friends and having fun. But if you’re one of the many teens who add underage drinking to a social event, you’ll be putting yourself in danger.

Every year in the United States, teens are injured or killed in alcohol-related crashes, and many of them occur during Prom night or Homecoming. You can help prevent your teen from underage drinking by becoming aware of the top ways to avoid underage drinking at Prom or Homecoming:

  • Talk to your teen openly and honestly about underage drinking long before Homecoming or Prom night.
  • Be sure to create a plan with your teen for the evening and share it with other parents
  • Be aware of online posts and pages that may direct your teen to a party location
  • Create your own personal inventory of all alcohol in your home and hide it if necessary
  • Make sure you know who is driving to and from Prom, and if it is a limo, contact the company and ask about the possibility of underage drinking in the vehicle
  • Never rent hotel rooms for your children on prom night
  • Be in constant touch with other parents and keep each other up-to-date on plans

Prom should be one of the best nights of your child’s life, but it should also be a safe one. Speak to your child, be aware of the game plan for the evening, and stay in contact at all times. A teen that knows you have all the information and are up waiting for them to come home is much less likely to pick up a drink.