Tulsa DUI: Man Laughs Himself Right Into Jail

Most of us agree that drunk driving is no laughing matter. A man in Tulsa had a different attitude, and he’s paying for his mistake.

dui-no-laughing-matterDavid Lee Jones was arrested on a Saturday night after an officer spotted his car speeding and crossing the center line – both standard indicators of impairment.  Worse, there were four minors in the car, including one that should have been in a car seat, but wasn’t.

Drunk driving and child endangerment would have landed him in deep enough trouble, but Mr. Jones proceeded to laugh through his sobriety tests, and told the officer that after making bond he would go out and drink some more.

The charges against him are serious – four felony counts of child endangerment as well as uninsured driving, DUI, speeding and more – but the fantastic way in which the offender reacted while being arrested shows the unique nature of the crime of impaired driving. Even faced with a Tulsa DUI arrest, Jones could not see his predicament clearly enough to judge it.

The point here is one that can never be stated often enough: you need good judgment to know how to deal with alcohol, and drinking robs you of that very judgment. It’s a vicious cycle. While sober you might realize you shouldn’t drive drunk, but as soon as you’re impaired enough to be dangerous, you’re also lost the ability to know that.

There’s a reason we have the expression “sober as a judge.”  Not because every judge has always been sober, but because sobriety is a precondition for any activity that needs the faculty of judgment. And since driving – and one’s behavior while being arrested – do require some judgment, it’s pretty clear that alcohol should not be consumed before driving.

Not even for laughs.