Tulsa Shopping Mall Dedicates Tree of Life to Drunk Driving Victims

tree-of-life-honors-drunk-driving-victimsShopping malls are meant to be fun places during the holidays. Decorations, music, and Santa hats are everywhere spreading the cheer of the season. Friends, and family are on our minds. But what if some of them have been drunk driving victims?

The Tulsa Promenade Mall is tempering the holiday joy with another message: that too many lives have been lost due to drunk driving. 101 fatalities have resulted from the decision to drink and drive in Tulsa County since 2011. The Mall has dedicated it’s “Tree of Life” campaign to them.

A Christmas tree has been set up at the mall, and customers are invited to donate canned goods, which will be stacked under the tree. The goal is to get 101 rows of cans, totaling 1500. The food will be donated to the Oklahoma Food Bank.

The display is not meant to be elaborate or commercialized. “The tree is very simple,” says Tulsa Promenade Mall General Manager Tina Crosley. “We want to remind people that if we do not stop drunk driving, then lives will be lost.” The 101 rows honors the 101 families of the drunk driving victims.

The Mall is raising awareness of impaired driving in Tulsa because the management believes that they have a responsibility to the community they serve. Contributions have so far been generous.

Well-wishers who donate 10 cans of food will have their name entered in a drawing for a $500 grocery gift card. The most important prize, however, would be if a few drivers saw the Tree of Life and decided then and there not to drink while driving. Few might notice, but they and others would live through the holidays and enjoy good cheer for seasons to come.