Turn Your Smartphone Into A Personal Breathalyzer

Alcohoot BreathalyzerCell phones may have originally hit the market as a simple way to text and talk when you’re on the go, but within the past 10 years they’ve developed into a tool we use for a multitude of different tasks. Take a startup called Alcohoot as an example – they’ve developed a technology that will convert your smartphone into a personal Breathalyzer, with the goal of letting you know how drunk you are.

The device costs $99 and will plug into your phone’s headphone jack. To detect your blood alcohol level, the device uses ‘police-grade’ fuel cell sensor technology. Paired with the Alcohoot app, you are able to detect your blood alcohol level as well as use the Smartline feature, which lets you set your desired blood alcohol level and alerts you when you are going over it. You can also take a ‘Morning After Quiz’ to describe how you feel after a night of drinking and receive recommendations on a lower blood alcohol level if you aren’t feeling well.

The device is currently available for sale on Amazon.com, but it comes with a disclaimer. You shouldn’t use the device and app to determine whether or not you should get behind the wheel after drinking. One of Alcohoot’s missions is to prevent drinking and driving crashes, and in keeping with that they’ve partnered with alcohol brands like Pernod to promote the device and ensure people drink responsibly.

No matter what a personal Breathalyzer tells them, some people may make the choice to get behind the wheel after drinking, but devices like the Alcohoot Breathalyzer could make someone who is feeling good while under the influence of alcohol take stock and realize they need to avoid operating a vehicle. With thousands of alcohol-related traffic fatalities on our roads every year resulting in offenders being required to an install ignition interlock device, the choice to not drink and drive, even if it’s because of instructions from your smartphone, is a good choice.