UK Drunk Driver Flees, Hides in Nativity Scene – Draws No Gold or Frankincense, Lots of Mirth

Your Hump-Day Recess: That’s Wise Men, Not Wise Guys!

       Photo: Twitter (@NYorksRPG)

This blog focuses on the US drunk driving scene, but a Hump-Day Recess can come from anywhere, and this lovely bit of drama comes to us via the North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group. It seems a young man was driving his Mini Cooper after having a few too many, and he plowed his car into a metal barrier.

Panicking, he fled and hid in what he considered a brilliant place: plain sight, in a nearby life-size Nativity scene.

Unfortunately for the driver, he was fairly easy to spot among the shepherds, and was immediately apprehended. That’s when the fun ended for him, and began for Twitter users, who expressed themselves with typical British dry humor (make that “humour”):

And from a member of the force:

To which we at LifeSafer added one of our own:

We’re out of jokes now, but we’re glad the North Yorkshire Roads Policing Group is on the job. Have a safe holiday, England.