A Romantic Gift Idea – Be a Valentine’s Day Designated Driver

valentines-day-designated-driver-giftChocolates – cliché. Flowers – not exactly imaginative. Jewelry – well, good but it can get pricey. Stuffed animals – cute for about five minutes. Wallets – well, they’re wallets.

If you’re still stuck for a Valentine’s Day gift, or if you want to beef up your offering with a bonus, consider agreeing to be the designated driver for your Valentine’s Day dinner out.

At first, this might seem against the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you both be sipping wine by candlelight, slowly slipping into a mellow, romantic fog? No doubt that works, provided you’ve organized a sober ride home afterwards.

But consider the advantages of letting your partner be the sole drinker:

  • The dinner will be cheaper – a glass or two of wine versus a bottle.
  • If you’re driving, you save money on the ride home. No need for a taxi, or worse, rideshares with Valentine’s Day surge pricing.
  • Best, it’s a genuinely romantic gesture – you’re giving up a bit of pleasure to keep your special person safe. It shows how important you regard your partner’s safety.

There are other ways to enjoy a Valentine’s Day night out without risking a DUI. You could book a hotel for the night and have dinner there. Or hire a limo. You could also cook a special Valentine’s Day meal at home.

Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be better for your love life than a drunk driving arrest. So consider the choices now, offer to be a Valentine’s Day designated driver, and you’ll have nothing to think about on the big night but what should be on your mind – the person that makes it all worthwhile.