Vermont Drunk Driving Stories: Changing Pants and Other Dumb Ideas

Your Hump-day Recess: Drive it Like You Stole It.

vermont drunk driving changing pantsIt’s not the alcohol that’s dangerous when you drive. Really, it’s not. It’s the stuff that you do after you drink the alcohol. To put it another way, it’s the dumb decisions you make when you’re under the influence.

Sometimes the decisions are traffic-related: turning against traffic when there’s not enough time, or driving at a speed that’s too high for your ability to control a vehicle. Sometimes it’s the decision to drive at all, when you’re obviously unable to control a vehicle.

In these Vermont drunk driving stories, it was a matter of changing pants and stealing cars.

Dressed for Failure

First case: a tractor-trailer driver decided to change his pants without bothering to stop his big rig first. He stood up in the front cab and wiggled out of his trousers, but the whole process was too tough, and he ended up tipping over on the I-89 near Williston.

His blood alcohol concentration was .20, or five times the legal limit of .04 for a commercial driver.

Making the Most of a Bad Decision

Second case: a man in South Burlington was arrested for driving a car that had been reported stolen. He was found to be intoxicated. What isn’t clear is whether the man was already drunk and then decided to steal the car (two bad decisions – stealing the car and then driving drunk), or whether he had already stolen the car and then decided to drink (still two bad decisions, but not influenced directly by alcohol). Somehow we doubt the second scenario, as the whole thing reeks of the kind of reckless decision making that alcohol is known for causing.

The moral: don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive and dress. Don’t steal cars under any circumstances. And if you tend to do dumb things when you drink, don’t.