Vermont Man Picking Up DUI Friend At Police Station Was Also Drunk

Vermont DUI picked up by impaired friendFile this under You Really Ought to Have Known Better. A woman was arrested recently in Barre, Vermont for DUI. As is the custom, the police called a friend to pick up the offender, since she obviously wasn’t able to drive herself home.

Her friend showed up at the station – also impaired. He was booked as well.

Is this a common occurrence in Vermont? Probably not.  As states go, Vermont is doing pretty well in the battle against impaired driving. According to NHTSA, only about 20 percent of their road deaths can be chalked up to alcohol – compared with around 30 percent for the country as a whole.  And in general , DUI road deaths are lower as well – about 1.4 per 100,000 population, less than half the national average.

These encouraging numbers come despite the fact that Vermont has less strict DUI laws than most states – a Wallethub survey put them at 46 out of 50.

One interesting fact: the lookback period – the amount of time a previous drunk driving offense may count against one in deciding multiple offenses – is unlimited. That means if you get a DUI, and you had another Vermont DUI 30 years ago, it’s your second offense.

The state also is one of the least densely populated in the country, which means that roads are less busy. A good number of drunk drivers will thus have a better chance of making it home. Such is the case in rural states.

All that said, it’s good that the Barre police were able to remove two drunk drivers from the road one night. You can’t be too careful, even in Vermont.