Want an Anti-Drunk Driving… uh … Throw Pillow?

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Reminders not to drink and drive are all over the place. In bars, on TV, on posters in police stations and DMVs. One place you don’t usually see them is among the home furnishings. But the online store Wayfair seems to want to change that with this pillow cover.

You’ll recognize the design as a famous 1930s WPA anti-drunk driving poster that is still admired for the brass-knuckles graphic impact of the imagery.


Apparently it also makes the perfect accessory to add some contrasting accents to your color scheme. Or maybe the vendor wants to spread the anti-drunk driving message to every house. It certainly is a potent reminder when you’ve been invited over for cocktails.

Ultimately, it’s hard to gauge the effect, which is why we did this artist’s conception of how this pillow might look on your sofa. We’re still not sure. But we’re not against it – The Clear Road has been hammering the sober driving message for quite a while, and if others want to do it their way, who are we to argue? After all, the design is public domain – the taxpayers picked up the tab for the graphics during the Roosevelt administration.

Our guess is that this works better as home decor than as a genuine DUI preventive. But perhaps someone will glance at it after having a few beers and decide to call a taxi. We’re comfortable with that.

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