Your Hump-Day Recess: Just Why Are You the Designated Driver?

Another homage to that vitally important person, that friend and savior, the designated driver. Unlike some PSAs about the subject, this fun ad admits that being a designated driver is perhaps not the most enjoyable task one can perform. The very thing that makes a person incapable of driving a car safely can also make them a somewhat boring companion to a sober person.

Nevertheless, the message is: you do it because it’s your turn. The ad comes from ICBC, the Insurance Brokers of British Columbia. They refer to designated drivers as “unsung heroes.

We’re in agreement. This time, it’s your turn to stay sober and get your friends home. Next time you get to drink and bore your designated driver.

Your Hump Day Recess: Every Wednesday LifeSafer brings you something a little different, related to the worlds of road safety, to ease your progress over Hump Day and through the week.

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