82% of Wisconsin AAA Members Say Yes – Ignition Interlocks for all DUI Offenders!

wisconsin-aaa-says-yes-ignition-interlock-lawYou’ve probably been reading that Wisconsin lawmakers are contemplating a new drunk driving law. Assembly Bill 266 and Senate Bill 222 will mandate ignition interlocks for all drunk driving offenses, not just first offenses. An ignition interlock, or car breathalyzer, prevents a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking.

Law enforcement agencies and public safety advocates, as well as legislators, have stated that the law is a great idea, as all-offender ignition interlock requirements have been shown to drive down the number of alcohol-related deaths in states where they are in effect.

Now there’s more support from the people who are affected most by drunk drivers – motorists themselves. In the most recent annual AAA Wisconsin survey of its membership, 82 percent of respondents are in favor of requiring ignition interlocks for first DUI offenses.

LifeSafer-Ignition-Interlock-FC100It’s hardly surprising. AAA members, after all, are committed motorists who care about issues that involve the state’s roads. Rather than seeing the interlock devices as restricting, they would see them as liberating: every drunk driver taken off the road means more freedom to ply the roads safely.

Assembly Bill 266 and Senate Bill 222 are winners for everyone. Even drunk drivers are better off with interlocks in the vehicles, as they’re less likely to reoffend or cause a collision. And since they’re not incarcerated, they can keep their jobs, attend school or counseling, and get their lives together after their offense.

Wisconsin: you’ve got the legislation, and now you’ve officially got a lot of drivers stumping for the new law. All that’s left is for you to pass it.