Woman Named “Tequila” Drinks, Drives Crashes into 3 Cars.

tequila-drinks-and-drivesIt happens. People live up to their name. It even has a term of its own: aptronym. People named “Cutter” who become surgeons. People named “Cash” who become bankers. People named “Cook” who become chefs.

And here’s a woman who was given the name “Tequila” who was arrested for OWI after she collided with three vehicles on an Indianapolis street.

Alisha Tequila Jefferson tried to flee on foot, but was found not far away from the scene.

The point here is that, of course, no one should drink and drive. Not if your name is Jones, McGillicuddy, or Inigo Montoya. And not if you have an alcohol-based name like Brandy or Ethyl. In fact, if you do have such a name, you should probably make an extra effort to find a designated driver, since an OWI arrest will end up garnering more attention.

And parents: consider naming your child Temperance.