Rising Number of Female Drunk Drivers on the Road

women who drink and driveWhen you think of parachuting out of airplanes, drag racing down the highway, or getting behind the wheel after a night of binge drinking, does the image of a male behind the wheel automatically come to mind? You’re not alone if you instantly associate men with risky behaviors, but you’d probably be surprised to know there is a growing trend of women who are going head to head with men when it comes to taking their life in their hands, especially when it comes to drinking and driving.

A recent report from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation shows that the number of women who drink and drive is growing by the year. In fact, during the time frame of the research, from 1998 to 2007, there has been a substantial rise of almost 30% in the rates of women being arrested for DUI. Put that together with the fact that there have been fewer males arrested for DUI while more females are arrested, a growing number of female drivers on the road, plus a stronger likelihood of females to participate in binge drinking, and you have the beginning of a real problem.

Although researchers are only beginning to uncover the reason why women are getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, many point to the fact that women are now the focus of alcohol related marketing campaigns where they’re encouraged to go out and have a good time. Yet another reason could be the desire to throw caution to the wind in order to decrease the growing stress and anxiety related with juggling a career and family life. Whatever the cause, all factors point to the need for a nationwide game plan to combat the growing risk of female drunk drivers on the road.