You Work Hard All Year – Why Blow It All This Weekend?

labor day don't throw it all awayLabor Day is really two holidays. It’s a celebration of American labor, and everything that workers have contributed to our country’s strength and prosperity. But it’s also a day – a weekend, really – for relaxing and forgetting about work. And in that capacity it’s grown from a day for organized laborers to a much-anticipated break for managers, entrepreneurs, students, and just about anyone who puts in a day’s work at anything.

Workers build things, from buildings and organizations to families, economies and their own lives and futures. Which is why it’s so mystifying that people would risk all of it – life, limb, loved ones, health, and future – by taking chances in Labor Day traffic. It’s well known that driving is more dangerous on holidays weekends, and anyone taking to the roads should be extra careful.

labor-day-work-hardThe National Safety Council has announced that, if road death trends continue that this coming Labor Day might be the deadliest since 2008. But the news doesn’t seem to shake up the country. “Our complacency is killing us,” says Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council.

We all work hard to build our futures. One mistake on the road this weekend can tear it down. A death can leave a child without a parent. An injury can leave anyone without a way to make a living. So take some precautions:

  • Don’t drink and drive. If your weekend involves alcohol, designate a driver, or plan drinking at times when driving is over for the day. And be careful of morning-after impairment
  • Don’t drive drowsy.
  • Be wary of distractions. Don’t text or use a cellphone, and avoid noise and distractions in the vehicle.
  • Buckle up. It’s amazing how many deaths are still caused by lack of seat belts.
  • Don’t speed. Allow extra travel time so there’s no need to rush.
  • Be extra courteous, and watch for road rage – stay clear of drivers who seem impatient or aggressive. It’s never a good idea to respond in kind.
  • Avoid highways when possible. The extra time is worth it: you’ll be less stressed.

Have a great Labor Day. See you back at work – safe and sound, future still intact.