Worst Drinking and Driving Prevention Ads – A Failed Attempt At Effective Advertising

Though it has been advertised time and again that drunk driving could have fatal consequences, statistics still show that drivers everywhere don’t seem to listen. A lot of them still do not take precautions before a drinking spree and still end up behind the steering wheel. Driving after alcohol consumption is hazardous because it can impair the driver’s physiological and mental coherence. High BAC or high blood alcohol content can easily weaken one’s visual acuity, perception of depth, color recognition, peripheral vision, night vision and muscle control.

Alcohol is a known depressant so it is considered a mind-altering drug. People who drink take a much longer time to process information, thus, they are a danger not only to themselves but to pedestrians as well.

The Government’s Take on Drunk Driving

Countermeasures have already been made by both government and non-government organizations. These are aimed at changing people’s behavior who think they can manage to drive even after having “just a few rounds”. These measures are also meant to sustain the behavior of drivers who seldom drive after being intoxicated.

Drinking and Driving PreventionApproaches that were adopted by various countries showed a great amount of cultural influence. Their target groups may be the same but the way they present their government’s commitment to battle drunk driving vary.

A huge part of their campaign to stop drinking and driving is public education. Increased awareness among drivers – especially the younger ones – is imperative since this shows the consequences as well as the existing laws against drunk driving. Most governments believe that public education should begin in schools for youth and children. Driver training is also a must where the driver is educated regarding the authority of the police forces to hold spot breath checks and many other campaigns. But are these drunk driving prevention ads always successful? Or are there ads out there that only catch the viewers’ attention but are not able to achieve permanent change.

Hard-hitting Adverts

The worst drinking and driving prevention ads are all over the globe. These ads often depict horrible scenes of suffering and violence. In fact, a certain drunk driving prevention ad in the UK elicited criticisms as surveys proved that it disturbed the minds of a lot of young children. This controversial ad shows a man who lies on the ground with a glazed expression and a seemingly mangled body. Children were reportedly disturbed by this sight as they wanted to assist the man but they were unable to help him.

This offensive ad was immediately recalled by its issuers.

One other drinking and driving prevention ad – which is believed to be even more disturbing than the first one – is the Northern Ireland video of a boy who was knocked over and instantly killed by a car that went spiraling towards the football field. Though this ad drives the message outright, still, the way the point was conveyed was just too graphic to be considered acceptable.

A Deeper Issue

Though alcohol-impaired driving seems to be a single issue, there are more complex underlying problems to be solved. Underage drinking, alcohol abuse and other social issues arise as drunk driving is discussed; thus, it is imperative that a more demanding, creative and comprehensive approach should be undertaken, otherwise, drunk driving will continue to claim lives on the streets.

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