Wrong-Way DUI in Georgia: Who Let This Guy Drive?

For your consideration: not the first DUI in Georgia of 2016, but surely one of the more memorable. Police all over the country were busy with out-of-hand revelers in the wee hours of January 1st. But this case deserves a look.

Rhett Rush was driving the wrong way – northbound on southbound GA 400 – causing terrified drivers to report him. Police arrived and gave chase. But sirens and lights didn’t faze Mr. Rush, who kept on plying his way against traffic until additional police cars arrived to box him in. The driver appeared just as reluctant to exit his vehicle as he did to pull over.

DUI Stop

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. One of several DUI arrests on New Year's Day. This one is northbound in the southbound lanes of 400.

Posted by Alpharetta Department of Public Safety on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mr. Rush was charged with DUI, violating open container laws, driving on the wrong side of the road and attempting to evade the police.

One question: was there no one to prevent this? Perhaps Mr. Rush had been drinking alone, but as it was New Year’s, it’s likely he was with a group of people at a celebration. Someone should have gone over and tried to take his keys. To be fair, though, it doesn’t look as if he was agreeing to much that night.

This ended very well for everyone – even the driver, who might have caused a head-on collision. The fact that Rush was unwilling to stop even with a police car on his tail and officers shouting orders at him, shows that his faculties were severely impaired.

This is a vivid illustration of why we take drunk driving seriously: why we need ignition interlocks on the vehicles of every offender, automatic suspension, sobriety courts, and effective counseling and treatment. Strange as it may seem, this video has a happy ending, but that’s not always the case.