1/3 of Young People Are Completely Wrong About Drunk Driving

young people are wrong about drunk driving

And it’s not just young people. 29 percent of people aged 35-51 have an opinion about drunk driving that is officially crazeballs.

The question: Is there such a thing as a “good” drunk driver? The question was asked on a survey by alcoholic.org, a private website which provides information about alcohol issues.

31.29% of respondents aged 18 to 34 thought that there are people who are good at driving drunk. If that weren’t discouraging enough, almost the same proportion – 29.42% – of 35- to 51-year-olds thought the same thing.

It’s easy to figure out where this impression comes from. A good number of these respondents have driven drunk and gotten away with it. We can infer this because a large number of respondents in every age category had admitted to driving drunk. Over 40 percent of 35- to 51-year-olds, and 39 percent of 52- to 69-year-olds admitted to DUI. That’s a lot of people who drove drunk and got away with it, and others who drove with drunks and mistakenly believe that the people who got them to their destination were “good” drunk drivers.

There is a tendency to equate driving drunk and making it home with being “good at driving drunk.” In fact, it’s just a matter of luck that there were no pedestrians around to test the driver’s slow reflexes, and that no unusual circumstances came to put the driver’s compromised judgement on the line.

The drunk drivers who end up killing or injuring others were “good” drunk drivers first. They made many trips while under the influence, impressing gullible friends with their ability to control a vehicle despite the number of drinks under their belt.

The survey has more bad news as well:

  • People have their own definition of drunk driving, which may or may not be accurate
  • There is still one state in which driving while intoxicated is not a crime for the first offense
  • A little over half of respondents say that the presence of passengers affect their decision to drink and drive, which means that a little under half are less inclined to care

The survey results are worth looking at. They tell of a society that hasn’t yet figured out how to deal with alcohol or the consequences of its abuse.  Of people – and not just young people – who haven’t gotten the message that drunk driving is lethal and never acceptable.

No, no one is “good at drunk driving.” Some people are lucky for a while – even a long while. But a society that chooses to ignore the realities of drunk driving is one that is doomed to suffer the consequences when impaired drivers take to the road.