Halloween Drunk Driving? We’re Off to See the Jail Cell

Halloween Drunk Driving - Dorothy Gets a DUI
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Something a big out of the ordinary – a Halloween drunk driving campaign based not on the standard holiday memes – jack o’ lanterns, black cats, ghosts – but on the idea of Halloween costumes and the associated partying. To wit, you might dress like a someone else, but you’re still responsible for driving sober. Being Dorothy or the Scarecrow doesn’t mean that those characters will take the rap for you if you blow over the limit when you’re stopped.

NHTSA did these posters in 2010. The rationale would be that people don’t treat drinking and driving seriously enough –

 Halloween Drunk Driving - Scarecrow Gets a DUI
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certainly not enough when it’s party time. The ads are a cold reminder that the fun stops when you’re stopped for DUI.

Are Wizard of Oz costumes big this year? Trends change, so NHTSA could update this ad to keep up with the trendy costumes of this year.

Donald Trump: Wake Up in a Jail Cell and You’ll Know What a Bad Hair Day Is.

Pizza Rat: Drive Drunk on Halloween? No Pizza in Jail.

Halloween Drunk Driving - Wicketd Witch Gets a DUI
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Star Wars: Guess What? The (Police) Force is With You!

Kim Davis: You Had One Job to Do: Drive Sober…

Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance: A DUI Can Leave You Out of Step With Your Friends

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones: Think A DUI Isn’t Serious? You Know Nothing.

All kidding aside, party responsibly on Halloween. Dress up, go wild, but have a designated driver.