Your Hump-Day Recess: Home-Made Ignition Interlock Gets the Anti-DUI Message Across

People have been concerned with drunk driving for a while now, and one of the more successful ways to prevent it seems to be to deal with the vehicle rather than the driver. That’s the idea behind the ignition interlock device, of course. We have also seen at least one ingenious invention designed to keep impaired drivers off the roads. We’ve also seen folks attempt to make their own, using  s a variation of the Wire Loop Game, sometimes called a Buzz Wire.  We don’t recommend these homemade ignition interlocks.


Still, we like the message – if you know you are going to make a bad decision, then do something – whatever it takes – to ensure it doesn’t happen. That usually means a designated driver, a taxi or rideshare, or some other form of public transport.

You can have an ignition interlock installed voluntarily, as well as by court order, if that helps prevent you from drunk driving.  Whatever it takes.