Your Hump-Day Recess: More Anti-Drunk Driving Posters from Around the World

Finnish anti-drunk-driving poster
Finland: “Which Way Are You Headed?”

How much help are anti-drunk driving posters? Do they really change people’s minds?

French Anti-Drunk Driving Poster
France: “Alcohol Kills”

Even if no one ever sat at a bar, looked at a poster and then decided to call a taxi, posters still have a place in drunk driving education. For one thing, they give  us new ways of looking at the problem. Designers and copywriters work to drive home the idea that drinking and driving don’t mix by engaging our thoughts and emotions, putting their stamp on the message.

For that reason, a good poster or ad sticks in the mind.

They also keep the conversation going. People under the influence are by definition in danger of a lapse in judgment. Posters help us keep the issue out in the open, so it doesn’t get forgotten. Whatever excuse drunk drivers give, they can’t say they didn’t know what they did was wrong.

Lithuanian Anti-Drunk Driving Poster
Lithuania: “Drunk Driving – NO!”

USA Anti-Drunk Driving PosterThe posters here are from different countries and time periods. They combine the graphic design of their time and place with a common concern for the welfare of citizens.

LifeSafer salutes these artists for doing their part to get the message out and make our roads safer.