Your Hump Day Recess: Weird News from the Drunk Driving World

Among the thousands of police reports that come shooting over the Internet every day are a few pretty strange ones. Most of the news we deal with at LifeSafer is pretty serious, but occasionally the stories are too weird and entertaining not to share. For Hump Day Recess we present a few recent news items.

DUI-FortuneTry a Quija Board Next time. From Beijing, China comes the story of a man who left a mahjong party drunk and drove his Jeep to a second bash. When he left that gathering, he couldn’t find his car – he had been too drunk to remember when he parked it.  Finally he hired a fortune teller to find it. The psychic had no luck, but predicted that it would be found within 50 days.

A Low-Pressure Job. A member of the Philadelphia police department was charged with drunk driving after he pulled his police cruiser into headquarters with three flat tires and bent rims. He claimed not to have known that his tires were flat.

DUI-No-TireWhat Is It With Tires? A Milwaukee woman was driving the wrong way on Interstate 43. Only two of her wheels had tires. If those two signs weren’t enough to tip off the police that something was amiss, the woman proceeded to drive into a ditch. Police found an open liter bottle of vodka in the car. She did not have a valid license.

I’ll Tell You What State You’re In. In South Carolina a man struck a utility pole with his car. He wasn’t seriously hurt. When police arrived, the man asked them what state he was in. He was told. Then the driver wondered out loud how he had gotten to South Carolina.

Did We Miss Anything? A woman was spotted talking on her cellphone while driving in Manchester, New York. Her muffler was too noisy as well.

DUI-is-DumbWhen police stopped her for these offenses, they spotted a billy club behind the driver’s seat, and a large filet knife in the door pocket. With reason to search the car, the police then discovered a stun gun and 45 bags of heroin.

But wait, there’s more. The woman also lied about her name, and offered the police a driver’s license that did not belong to her. As it turned out, her own license had been revoked, and she was only supposed to only drive vehicles equipped with an interlock device (car breathalyzer).

As a result of the traffic stop she was booked with weapons possession, drug possession, criminal impersonation, unlicensed driving, driving without an ignition interlock, driving while talking on a cellphone, and having a defective muffler.

Oh, and she was also ticketed for failing to keep right.

DUI-HorseWhoa. In the town of Betsy Layne, Kentucky, a man was arrested for “driving” a horse while drunk.

At present there are no ignition interlocks that can be installed on a horse.