Your Hump Day Recess: Woman Calls 911, Reports Herself for DUI

Yes, it really happened back in 2009. We’d like to say we’re surprised it happened in Wisconsin, but when you make a point of going easy on drunk drivers, you’re going to end up with some pretty strange things happening on the road.

In this, a  woman named Mary called up Clark County 911 to report a drunk driver. The conversation went like this:

Mary: Somebody’s really drunk driving down Granton Road…
Dispatcher: Okay are you behind them, or..
Mary: No, I am them.
Dispatcher: You am them?

A BBC television program (make that “programme”) called World’s Craziest Fools did an animation of the entire exchange – all 49 seconds of it.

The animation takes some liberties: in fact, Mary didn’t crash. She pulled over when the dispatcher asked her to, and a police officer dropped by to give her a breath test. She blew .17, twice the legal limit.

It would be satisfying to report that for such a dangerous offense, Mary had her license suspended, was ordered to have an alcohol assessment and treatment, and was required to have an ignition interlock on her car to prevent her from starting it when she’d been drinking. That’s very common for DUI offenders in most states.

However, this was Wisconsin, and it was a first offense. She got a ticket.

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