LifeSafer Program Overview

Contact Service Provider

  • Client contacts nearest LifeSafer Service Provider
  • Client enters into service agreement with Service Provider, leasing ignition interlock device and obtaining necessary installation and monitoring services
  • Client pays in advance for service, coming to service operation every 30-60 days

Installation & Training

  • Ignition interlock device is installed by experienced Service Provider
  • Client is trained on use of device and what is expected of them to stay in compliance

Regular Service Visits & Data Reporting Scheduled service visits include:

  • Device calibration & inspection
  • Vehicle & wiring inspection for signs of tampering
  • Downloading of data stored in the device
  • Reporting of installation, monitoring compliance or non-compliance to referring agency, probationary authorities or attorney, as requested

Program Completion & Device Removal

  • Vehicle is restored to original condition where the device was installed.

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