New California DUI License Law – Why an Interlock is the Smart Choice After an Arrest

Arrested for DUI in California?  You have license options. Download and share!  DOWNLOAD HERE


Man Caught Drunk Driving Stolen Motor Home Wasn’t Drunk

Police have some pretty reliable indicators of drunk driving. If they see someone who obviously can’t control their vehicle on the road, chances are that driver is impaired. There is an [...]


California: Kern County Closes 1000th Felony DUI

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether news is good or bad. One would think it a good thing that, since the DA formed a special unit to prosecute felony DUIs in 2010, Kern County has been able to [...]


Visalia to DUI Offenders Who Skip: You Cannot Hide!

Prosecution for drunk driving is not a simple matter of being pulled in to a station and placed before a judge for sentencing. Months can pass between arrest and trial. Because of delays, some [...]


Drunk Driver Flattens $240K Worth of Car in 1 Second

If you don’t know what a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is, that’s understandable. They’re not easily found at a showroom near you. And at a price of about a quarter million dollars, they’re [...]


Even Teslas Can’t Out-Think a Drunk Driver

If you follow car news, you know that Tesla is known for producing some pretty smart cars. The Model 3, the company’s mass-market offering, has been in the news for its cutting-edge electronics [...]


Tougher DUI Standard for California Lyft and Uber Drivers. Good.

The neither-fish-nor-fowl nature of rideshare services like Lyft and Uber has ignited a number of controversies in the markets in which the cars operate. Are drivers employees or contract labor? [...]


Now California Beer Makers & Sellers Can Get You Home Safely

If beer has a job, it’s to get you drunk, or at least loosen you up while you enjoy a burger or wings. If beer makers have a job, it’s to sell you more beer. But thanks to a new California law, [...]


Should Police Hang Around Bars and Wait for a DUI?

Fresno, California seems to have a drinking problem – one survey put their drivers at the 15th worst in the nation, thanks to its drunk driving. The reaction of the Fresno police is to revive a [...]


San Diego County Gets Cash to Monitor Risky DUI Offenders

It’s no secret that when a DUI offender drives drunk for the second time, it’s serious. A first offense can be a mistake in judgement, but a second indicates that a driver has a disregard for the [...]